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Pangolin laser control software started in 1986 with Atari software. In those days, huge gas lasers were the common machines to do laser light shows. Nobody could have imagined that laser light projectors would become so small and economic as they are now (see the super compact SwissLas Pure Micro lasers for example).
Pangolin always saw the technical innovations going on in show laser industry and provided the appropriate software solutions for the very time. When the smaller and more affordable lasers showed up in the markets, Pangolin published the innovative QuickShow software as live control solution to complete the already existing Lasershow Designer 2000 solution, which was mainly made for timeline programming.

As computer and control technology grew further, Pangolin decided to bring a new and more contemporary way of laser control with the new BEYOND software. The changes in haptic computer control mainly influenced the development of BEYOND, which lead to a solution that can be dynamically controlled either in live- or in timeline mode, and nearly every action is done by drag-and-drop. This of course is essential if modern touch screen panels are used for laser operation.
The integration of advanced MIDI features and a versatile DMX-IN and OUT solution made this development of BEYOND a great next  step in Pangolin's history.


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