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ScannerMax galvanometer-based optical scanners were developed for high performance and accuracy. Three main aspects were focused in development - the ones that significantly influence the quality of the scanners and the scanning results.

- The ScannerMax galvo design incorporates a very strong rotor and shaft, along with a highly-durable mirror mounting design. These small differences give the ScannerMax galvanometer-based optical scanners significant strength advantages, especially in high performance applications where faster scan speeds are needed. In addition, Pangolin uses special bearing materials for their ScannerMax systems and a very strong position feedback to ensure optimal performance.

- The ScannerMAX line of galvanometer-based optical scanners incorporate a unique motor magnet design, which allows the ScannerMax scanners to very quickly dissipate a great amount of heat. Heat is a known limitation for achieving faster scan speeds. The ScannerMAX design overcomes this.

- The strength of the ScannerMAX design, combined with the galvos' ability to operate at a cooler temperature, allows PangolinS cannerMax systems to achieve scan speeds in excess of conventional galvanometers.

Four different Scanner Series for different requirements

Pangolin Systems offers four different Scanner Series for different requirements.
The Saturn Series, including the Saturn 1, 3, and 5, are extremely high-performance galvos, specifically designed for applications like confocal microscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT), dermatology as well as laser shows. For applications where the galvos need to be driven as fast as possible, the Saturn Series play their advantage of their thermal capabilities, where many conventional galvos have fallen short.

The Saturn Series products will be available soon!

The ScannerMax Compact-506 is another galvanometer-based optical scanner, especially developed for applications where small package size, low cost and light weight are important. Although the ScannerMax Compact 506 is very small, it is built upon using our VRAD-506 actuator platform, and thus features very strong rotor construction and 6mm bearings. This construction allows the Compact 506 optical scanner to move small mirrors as well as large mirrors (up to 1 inch in diameter), and do so without a notch filter in the servo.

Laserworld offers the Pangolin ScannerMax Compact 506 scanners as upgrades for many of their products, e.g. for most SwissLas systems and for many RTI lasers.

Pangolin ScannerMax Compact 506 SET for SwissLas 300px
Pangolin ScannerMax 506 Upgrade for SwissLas laser systems
Pangolin ScannerMax Compact 506 SET 300px
Pangolin ScannerMax 506 Upgrade for RTI laser systems


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