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To control a laser projector with Pangolin Software, you need to have an appropriate output hardware device. Usually all basic Pangolin software products, like Pangolin Quickshow or Pangolin BEYOND, come together with  a certain hardware interface. This interface is necessary to transform the digital control signal, that comes from the PC (through USB, PCI slot or Ethernet), to the standardized, analogue ILDA signal, which is used for professional show laser control.

Pangolin offers two basic hardware solutions: QM-2000 and Flashback 3 (FB3).

Flashback 3 (FB3)

The Flashback 3 hardware device is a USB-to-ILDA interface. Depending on the used software version it supports up to 6 color channels and up to 120kpps scan speed. The interface is very small and thus can easily be transported.
The FB-3 interface is supported by BEYOND software, QuickShow and LivePRO.


QM-2000 board

The QM-2000 PCI board is a high performance Digital-Analogue-Converter (DAC), that is mounted in a PCI slot of the control PC. The transmission rates of this card are very high and it supports up to 6 color channels and operates very stable. LD-2000 operates with this interface only, and thus the QM-2000 is well known in show laser industry for years now.
The QM-2000 board is supported by BEYOND software, Lasershow Designer 2000 (LD-2000) and LivePRO.

QM-2000.NET controller

To be able to run Pangolin over an Ethernet network, the QM-2000 PCI board can be mounted inside a special interface adapter to make it network capable. This solution is mainly suitable for LD-2000 use, but it also works on BEYOND.



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